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CAE Systems

Design of an Aerial Tanker to Minimize Turbulence Effects During Refueling

Description: Design a wing that will reduce the turbulence behind an aerial refueling tanker.  A multi-disciplinary optimization will be used to choose wing shape and wing structure along with engine placement.  A simulation will be used to demonstrate station keeping for a refueling aircraft behind the tanker with original wing and optimal wing.

Florida Power & Light

Hard Hat with Integrated AR

Description: Develop a smart hard hat with augmented reality intended to be used in an electrical substation by technicians who are completing maintenance work on the station’s equipment. The hard hat will be equipped with a sensor suite which will include a camera, GPS receiver, microphone, and speaker to provide the engineer situational awareness of assets.

Gainesville Regional Utilities

Lift Station and Force Main Operations Optimization

Description: Utilize guidance from hydraulic model simulations to develop a SCADA-implementable algorithm for optimizing the GRU lift station operations. The optimization should reduce operating pressures, reduce energy demands, reduce maintenance costs, and stabilize influent flows to the wastewater treatment plants. Implement the optimization algorithm on the GRU SCADA system and successfully test it on GRU lift stations.        

Harris Corp.

Telescoping Mast Drive Assembly

Description: Develop a compact drive system for a deployable space structure mast. The drive system must deploy the mast to a specific length precisely under a large compressive load and be capable of a minimum of 50 stow/deploy cycles without buckling or breaking.

Honeywell, Inc.

Spacewire Special Test Equipment

Description: Develop a low-cost reconfigurable multi-port Spacewire test interface that can be integrated into Special Test Equipment to reduce cost and provide flexibility (through FPGA reconfiguration) to support future application-specific test requirements.

Info Tech

Capturing Structured Data from Photographs

Description: Create an automated image recognition system for capturing structured data from smartphone photos of documents and equipment and sensor displays. Integrate machine learning, web services, and cloud computing services in the system.


High Speed Seal Driver for Flexible Pouch Beverage Packaging

Description: Develop a modular horizontal “Form-Fill-Seal” pouch machine to improve operational flexibility and reduce set up time and weight.

Medical Innovations LLC

Breast Pump Innovation

Description: Design a comfortable interface with the breast that promotes efficient milk expression by mimicking an infant’s mouth and tongue. Design an ergonomic pump system that is convenient to assemble/disassemble, clean and use at the workplace with limited noise. The device must be economically viable, efficient and suitable for FDA clearance.

Morphogenesis Inc.

Modular, Disposable Packed-column Cell Separator

Description: Develop technology to isolate rare cell populations from patient samples, such as isolating circulating tumor cells from cancer patient’s blood. The cell separation system must be easy to use for non-engineers.

Nielsen Co.

Virtual Reality Software Development Kit

Description: Measure consumer experiences in Virtual Reality (VR). Record the VR experience with embedded markers for meta data, capture VR control  (orientation, acceleration, buttons, and possibly gaze tracking), infer VR control from incomplete input, and overlay video with VR input and user focus.

Northrop Grumman

Automated Test Station/Breakout Box

Description: Currently failure mode effects testing for interfaces is a manual process involving toggling switches at the correct time to break the interface. Given an Aerospace Industry standard interface (such as Mil-Std-1760E), develop an interface "breakout box"/test station which can insert and clear faults in both Ethernet and discrete signals. The tests run both manually and in automated mode, using scripts.


Sakrete Product Optimization

Description: Optimize high-strength, bagged concrete mix by reducing cement content and introducing dry chemical admixtures to reduce water demand. Additionally, employ computer modeling to validate the mixture design optimization to further reduce the dependency on portland cement.

Orlando Utilities Commission

Bench-Scale Process Design for CO2 Sequestration and Transportation for Sustainable Large-Scale Algae Growth

Description: Design an industrial CO2 separation system for applications on two 460 MW coal units in Central Florida. Design and build a bench-scale system to demonstrate the process. Incorporate principles of process economics to guide the design.


Image Documentation System

Description: Develop desktop, mobile, and web server applications to manage the process of efficiently adding metadata to gas turbine field service hardware images.


Optimal Bolt Cleaning Operations

Description: Design a bolt-cleaning tooling set for power turbines. The revenue generated by gas turbines in power plants is adversely impacted by delays in maintenance operations caused by the cleaning of numerous bolts of various sizes that must be removed to access internal components.

Sun Hydraulics

Croaking Process Variation Reduction and Optimization

Description: Assess Sun Hydraulics' croaking manufacturing process for low-leak valve seats to identify parameters affecting the seat geometry and product quality. Recommend optimized croak ball diameter and set up parameters for a range of parts. Develop a tool management plan for the croak ball.


Hydration Monitoring System

Description: Design hydration monitoring accessories and apps to allow consumers to track their consumption of liquids throughout the day.

Tetragon Labs

Harmonic Gearing Performance Test Stand

Description: Develop hardware and software needed for precise testing of harmonic gearing performance attributes.


Central Office Visually Enhanced Asset Tracking and Management System

Description: Develop and implement a methodology and hardware/software system for visually tagging and tracking rack-mounted telecommunications Central Office equipment so that telecommunication engineers can remotely determine capacity for system upgrades and expansion.


Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Assistant (HAIA)

Description: Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Assistant is a healthcare-based voice recognition product that leverages existing consumer-grade smart speakers to support provider workflows and patient support in various hospital settings.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Audit Log Tokenizing Appliance and Threat Analysis System

Description: Analysis of security audit logs is an important facet of IT security. Audit logging can generate very large amounts of data, from diverse sources. Perform tokenization of sensitive log data on the cloud and use the ELKK stack, Amazon KMS, and Amazon ML to process the log data. Use threat analysis tools to find patterns of threats across multiple tokenized sources from multiple companies without exposing private data.

Wind River

Near Real Time IoT-based Solution for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring

Description: Develop an IoT-based system to detect contaminants in a stream of water on the inflow and outflow sides of a water treatment facility. Implement automation improve the integrity and timeliness of the water quality data.  Develop an array of sensors that can detect phosphorous, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, pH, and temperature levels in a stream of water. Transmit the data through a smart gateway to a cloud-based platform.

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