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CAE Healthcare

Human Patient Simulator Pericardiocentesis Feature Design

Description: Using the Human Patient Simulator (HPS) improve testing ability and function of the current HPS Pericardiocentesis feature. Students will identify and implement a new system to accurately measure small amount of fluid. They will develop a new interface for the ECG generation, as well as a sensor to measure the depth of the needle insertion. This will be accompanied by a software concept that will visualize the progress of the needle, fluid and patient condition.

CAE Systems

CAE Regional Aircraft

Description: Design a reconfigurable regional aircraft for both cargo and passengers.

CertainTeed Gypsum

Drywall Corner Flange Lift Failure Investigation and Redesign

Description: Research CertainTeed's current wallboard corner beads to determine why the product lifts when drywall compound is applied. Students will research solutions and modifications for the product.

Duke Energy Florida

Combined Cycle Operation Optimization

Description: Develop and code a model capable of predicting economic performance at the Duke Energy Bartow plant in St. Petersburg, Fla. Students will also develop algorithms that provide economic optimization and a user friendly interface.

Duke Energy Florida

Optimal Design of an Air Chiller for Power Production

Description: Design and install an air chiller on the feed port of the gas turbine at the UF campus co-generation plant to maximize electrical power production on hot days.

Exactech, Inc.

Advanced Ligament Balancing System

Description: Design, build, test and experimentally validate (in cadavers) a force-sensing instrument to quantify soft-tissue tension during total knee replacement surgery.

Florida Power & Light

Autonomous Substation Rover for Patrols and Anomaly Detection

Description: Develop a mobile rover that can perform self-assessments on the health of substation components to mitigate outages before they occur.

Harris Corp.

High Performance CCA Heatsink

Description: Evaluate high performance heatsink materials for use in space applications where convection is not available for heat transfer. Students will perform thermal and mechanical testing on candidate materials as well as design, build and test a heatsink prototype.

Honeywell, Inc.

MEMS IMU Stabilization via Direct Thermal Control

Description: Perform thermal analysis, design a control scheme, and build a prototype to stabilize the thermal environment the IMU is exposed to in a spacecraft environment.


Project Recommendation Engine

Description: Create an automated recommendation engine that recognizes and identifies projects of specific interest to each user based on past user activity, past projects, and future project plans, using machine learning, web services, and Amazon Cloud Computing Services.

Integrated Technology Ventures

System for More Efficient Anaerobic Digestion of Waste

Description: Commercialization of a high-solids flooded leachbed anaerobic composting system that reduces bioreactor sizes and processes waste at lower temperatures than current systems. This system converts organic matter into useful microbial fermentation products and compost. After anaerobic digestion is complete, the compost bed in this system can be recycled for further use in applications such as biofiltration and as a plant growth medium. This technology can also be used for other feedstocks, including industrial wastes, agricultural residues, and energy crops. Moreover, in this system, gas that is created during anaerobic digestion can be used for energy, such as in a fuel cell.


People Tracking for Safety, Compliance and Productivity

Description: Design/build “People+” a people-tracking platform, for people using wearable devices.

Mosaic Company

Automated Prospecting Analyzer

Description: Design and build an automated chemical prospecting analyzer from components to increase the efficiency and safety of mining core prospecting process.

Mosaic Company

Concrete Coatings Evaluation

Description: In an effort to reduce the degrading of infrastructure due to acid transfer, students will create designs for new and improved acid-resistant infrastructure.

Moss & Associates LLC

Construction Augmented Reality Coordinate Detection

Description: Assemble models to use in indoor quality control during building construction via augmented reality.

Moss & Associates LLC

Site Asset Tracking System

Description: This project will prototype Internet of Things (IoT) technology to on a construction site to actively track the quantity of employees, equipment and their location for improved safety and productivity. If successful this system would be able to be licensed by Elevate Building Technologies to help improve safety for other companies, industry wide and can be customized to be used by other industries.

Orlando Utilities Commission

Separation and Utilization of CO2 from Flue Gas as a Sustainable Carbon Source for Large Scale Algae Growth

Description: Design an industrial CO2 separation system using software developed by the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Lab (DOE NETL) to build a bench-scale system to demonstrate the process for applications on two 460 MW coal units in Central Florida.

PGT Industries

Portable Device for Safely Moving and Installing Glass Panels

Description: Design a safe, stable device to transport and orient glass panels on a worksite. The system must be portable and easy to operate, while capable of moving glass panels 12ft tall and over 500 pounds.

RTI Surgical

Clean Room Bone Paste Filling System

Description: Build upon 2015 project to design and test an automated syringe filler machine for clean room manufacturing operation.

Sandvik Mining and Construction

Automated Blast Hole Drill Rig Bit Changing System

Description: Design an automated system for replacement of worn drill bits attached to the end of a drill string with a new drill bit. Store a minimum of 5 new drills in its storage system. System must be extremely rugged, and handle bit removal, replacement and storage without human intervention.

Sun Hydraulics

WiFi Enabled Embedded Proportional Valve Amplifier

Description: A proportional valve amplifier interprets an analog command signal or CAN message value and controls the electrical power to a solenoid coil. The valve amplifier controls the current supplied to the coil which controls the solenoid force. Create a Wi-Fi version of the AmpSetBlue product that can remote control the valve amplifier with APPs on iOS and Android devices.


Central Office Autonomous Jumper Migration System

Description: Create a system that can implement a pre-programed jumper migration with limited/no human supervision from off-site. The environment is a typical server room scenario with rack mounted equipment. This project requires the development of an autonomous mobile platform along with appropriate manipulators to allow un-plugging and plugging into rack mounted equipment.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Audit Log Tokenizer Appliance for Threat Assessment

Description: For use on security log analysis, develop an appliance to receive system logs that filters and tokenizes the sensitive information before sending the data to an ELK stack on AWS for analysis. Develop a business case to assess the value of performing audit log analysis in the cloud on sanitized entries.

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