2018-2019 IPPD Projects


Sponsor: Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Title: Automated Drone “Refueling”
Team Name: Drop-N-Swap
Coach: Keith Rambo
Description: Develop an automated refueling station capable of swapping batteries with minimal user interaction, which will increase mission efficiency by reducing the time needed to change batteries.

Sponsor: Gainesville Regional Utilities
Title: Water Distribution Flushing Optimization
Team Name: Refresh
Coach: Spyros Svoronos
Description: Optimize the water quality flushing program at Gainesville Regional Utilities. The project involves conservation, hydraulic modeling, water chemistry, and local field experience. The team will investigate flushing prototypes as opportunities to conserve/reuse flushing water.

Sponsor: PTP Strategy
Title: CDD-SORT: A Machine-Learning System to Detect Recyclable & Problematic Materials in Discarded Construction Debris
Team Name: Waste.AI
Coach: Angelos Barmpoutis
Description: The Construction and Demolition Debris Support Vector Machine Optical Recycling Technology (CDD-SORT) is a proposed technology to detect hazardous and recyclable components found in the 150+ million tons of construction and demolition debris discarded in the U.S. every year, thereby opening significant opportunities for better waste management outcomes.

Sponsor: Intertape Polymer Group
Title: Handheld Water-Activated Tape (WAT) Dispenser
Team Name: W.A.T.S.U.P.
Coach: Bruce Welt
Description: Design and build a low-cost handheld tape dispenser for water-activated tape (WAT) for use in light-to-medium-volume packaging areas.

Sponsor: Tetragon Labs
Title: Innovative Flexible Bearings for Wave Generators in Harmonic Gearing
Team Name: The Bearing 6
Coach: Shannon Ridgeway
Description: Detail and document existing wave generator bearings used in harmonic gearing. This base will be utilized to implement a design of a novel adjustable inner race of a wave generator. A testing methodology will be developed to allow comparison of the existing bearings and the new bearing.

Sponsor: Talem Capital
Title: Easy-Access Roof Cargo System
Team Name: Car-Go
Coach: Carl Crane
Description: Develop a new design for an easy-to-use, easy-to-access roof top cargo carrying system that will allow loading and unload from a standing or sitting position on the ground.

Sponsor: Orlando Utilities Commission
Title: Optimization Studies of CO2 Sequestration Process for Sustainable Large-Scale Algae Growth
Team Name: Clean Output Engineers
Coach: Sindia M. Rivera-Jiménez
Description: Perform solvent optimization studies to increase CO2 sequestration for applications on two 460 MW coal units in Central Florida. Propose a chemical plant design that produces a top valued chemical product from biomass. Incorporate principles of design of experiments and process economics throughout the project.

Sponsor: 9 Degrees of Human
Team Name: ReGaming
Coach: Jorg Peters
Description: Create a Tele Rehabilitation software, which will help patients adhere to their prescribed physical therapy regimens, using the Microsoft HoloLens as a hardware device.

Sponsor: Nielsen
Title: Far Field Audio Microphone Array System
Team Name: AudioUs
Coach: Joe Wilson
Description: Use a far-field audio technique to create a microphone array system that can be embedded into television audience measurement meters and improve the quality of audio detection.

Sponsor: Raytheon
Title: Multi-Compartmented Text Chat Application
Team Name: TransCrypt
Coach: Richard Newman
Description: The design, engineering development, security hardening, and test of a text chat service for use by a community of interest operating within a classified worldwide enterprise.

Sponsor: CAE USA
Title: 2D Aero Coefficient and Flowfield Prediction
Team Name: Foil Flightware
Coach: David Mikolaitis
Description: Develop a system that predicts the flowfield and aerodynamic coefficients of an aircraft given limited information of the aircraft. The system will include a graphical user interface for the end user and be validated for robustness against available open-source or validated analytical data.

Sponsor: Freedom Scientific
Title: Mobile Contact Proximity Alerting System for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Team Name: FrienDetect
Coach: Manuel Bermudez
Description: Design and develop a mobile friend locator system that accesses the user’s contacts list in order to identify and alert the user when those contacts are in close proximity of the user. The system would also aid the user in approaching those contacts, if so desired.

Sponsor: Verizon
Title: Remote Monitoring Unit for Cell Sites
Team Name: S.H.I.E.L.D
Coach: Wenhsing Wu
Description: Develop hardware and software for a low-cost, scalable site management system.

Sponsor: Honeywell
Title: Wireless Power and Energy Storage for Inertial Guidance
Team Name: ChargeAir
Coach: Süleyman Tüfekçi
Description: Improve a highly advanced Inertial Measurement Unit design in the areas of size, weight, power, and thermal management.

Sponsor: Florida Power & Light
Title: Autonomous Drone for Electric Grid Inspections
Team Name: Autonomous Inspection Systems
Coach: Oscar Crisalle
Description: Develop an autonomous drone to fly on a predetermined flight map for electric grid inspections with visual and thermal cameras.




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